On May 13, 2019, the Company’s shareholders adopted resolutions on changing the business of the hemp industry: one of the most dynamically developing fields in many countries in the world with the US and Canada at the forefront.

During the General Meeting, the company also adopted an issue with pre-emptive rights of no more than 30,800,000 shares at the price of PLN 0.10, which means the possibility of obtaining PLN 3,080,000.00 (ca. $800k).

The pre-emptive rights day was set for 4 June 2019, and each shareholder holding company shares at the end of that day will receive 4 pre-emptive rights for each share.

The resolutions adopted by the GM can be downloaded here (Polish only).

Investor relations can be found on the old company page at this address.

Quotes of shares you can find here.